GEW Belarus 2022 Startup Battle

Watch 8 pitches from top promising Belarusian-born startups (Online vor Ort, CenterMe, UpHub,, AISTATS mobile app, Skills screening, Phygit, Trackdoc).  Draw inspiration from cloud-based B2B software, personalised anxiety relief rituals for women, platform helping to start your own education or tool for football fans and bettors with the key feature of artificial intelligence calculations.


Flo Health: biggest successes, losses, and greatest learning opportunities

A glipmse into the architecture of Flo Health, an app with 50M monthly active users & over 250M overall downloads. CTO, Roman Bugaev shares how the company has changed & improved since 2018. What have been their biggest successes, biggest losses, and greatest learning opportunities?


Bridgio Tech Accelerator 

Dive into the recent Bridgio’s events: meetup on future technologies in the hardware world and how you can align them to your business model, building new tools for the virtual worlds of today and tomorrow, the crucial challenges that arise in traditional healthcare solutions and more. 


Staff reduction during the crisis of Belarusian IT-sector

PandaDoc & Flo CTOs discuss the state of local IT-industry. How many dismissals there are today on the market, what are the reasons and who suffered most.


Belarusian Venture opportunities

What are the options for Belarusian projects to attract investment today?