Startup Database

Collecting information for the database

The database was created through analyzing and comparing publicly available information, obtaining insights from the Belarusian startup ecosystem’s stakeholders and contributors (startups, VC and PE funds, Angels Band, accelerators, support organizations and opinion leaders). Investment rounds are sourced from public disclosures including press releases, news, etc. Credible data sources, such as Crunchbase, Dealroom, TechCrunch, and others were used to provide the most accurate overview of information.  

In the database we understand Belarusian startup as a startup, founded de facto or de jure less than 15 years ago 1) in Belarus, 2) with a majority of its team in Belarus or 3) by at least one founder from Belarus, while the project not necessarily positioned as Belarusian. 


Startup profiles can be updated by verified startup representatives, so the platform administrators are not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by them. 

Note that the total amount of investment is calculated based on the CIVITTA database of investments in startups. Some amounts in the database are CIVITTA estimates and insider information, so totals may not equal totals in other sources.


In the startup database you can find information about startups of the Belarusian ecosystem. At the top of the page you can filter startups by sector, business model and year of foundation. You can also find the startup you interested in using the search box. By clicking on the startup’s name or logo, you can find additional information about it, such as the total amount of investment received, headquarters country, contacts of founders, etc.


Consider your company a startup related to the Belarusian ecosystem, but don’t see it in the database? Sign up as Startup Representative and add your startup yourself! 

If you join, your startup will be featured in the most comprehensive and detailed database of the Belarusian startup ecosystem. It will improve your visibility for potential investors and facilitate your networking within the ecosystem. 

After you fill out the application form, it will be processed by the platform administrators. To be eligible, your startup must meet some criteria: it must be a technology business less than 15 years old, either 1) founded de facto or de jure in Belarus, or 2) founded abroad, but most of the team is located in Belarus (at least decision-making team), or 3) founded abroad by at least one founder from Belarus. It is not necessary for the project to be positioned as a Belarusian one.

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