For 3 years now innovative Belarusians have been learning to exist, work and bring value in a highly uncertain reality. And we still do. What’s remained unchanged? Incredible talent pool. Highly skilled engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators may now be located in different parts of the Globe, but are still parts of the same communities, values and hopes for the country’s prosperous future.

We are excited to present our project Innovate Belarus, where Innovate defines our mission — a call to action to bring Belarus back the status of a high-tech hub of Europe. This project was born out of an initiative called “Belarus Startup Report”. For 3 years in a row our team has conducted a survey of the local startup landscape resulting in the annual overview of the current state of Belarusian startup sector.

Our aim is to become a one-stop source of relevant in-depth insights into the current state of Belarusian innovative ecosystem for making data driven decisions: its players, best practices and market tendencies. Stay tuned!