Innovate Belarus team has joined Roundtables organized by PYXERA Global in Minsk. This year’s meetings included both offline and online formats following the series of 7 Roundtables that took place last year and were based on its results.

Diverse group of 20+ Belarusian innovators gathered to “synchronize watches” on the INNOVATE Roadmap 2021. Our key objectives were:

– Check previous findings on ecosystem problems and development priorities; 

– Define new challenges and focuses. 

The discussion revolved around 7 main areas: infrastructure support, mentorship culture, financial access, relocation of ecosystem members, exports to western markets, women in innovation and entrepreneurship among youth and children. 

After quite rich (and at times emotional:) debates, we agreed that most of the development priorities within each problematic area remain highly relevant. At the same time, the process of attracting investments for Belarusian startups has become way more complicated. Talking about new challenges, participants mentioned growing risks for ecosystem players to be associated with Belarus abroad, which shifts the focus to strengthening ties between those players who have relocated and those who stay in the country. 

It won’t be wrong to say that the idea of strengthening ties was the red thread going through the whole talk. We were happy to meet colleagues and believe such events help to improve the very essence of a healthy ecosystem — communication process.