On November 30 our team took part in the event in Vilnius dedicated to the launch of the “Advice for Small Businesses for Belarusians Abroad” programme. Siamion Zlobich (Innovate Belarus Project Leader, CIVITTA Associate Partner) shared the latest findings and data on what’s going on with the Innovation sector in Belarus and discussed the needs & challenges our relocated businesses face.

About the Initiative

Since 1994, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has helped 500+ Belarusian enterprises access advice with support from a diverse donor base.

In April 2022, the EBRD decided to close offices in Minsk and suspended local programmes. Nevertheless, companies with Belarusian shareholders, which have relocated to one of the EBRD countries of operations, can still get the support.

The EBRD will use EU funds of up to €4 million to help small Belarusian companies adapt to the challenging environment of new markets, help them integrate into new supply chains and accelerate their digitalisation.

The new initiative is expected to reach at least 270 relocated SMEs and consultants with targeted advisory support, knowledge sharing, training courses tailored to their business needs, workshops, seminars and networking events.

What The Programme can help with?

  • Assessment of business needs (strategy, marketing, operations, financial management)
  • Search & engagement of suitable consultants
  • Project’s costs coverage (up to 70%)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Legal entity or sole proprietor registered in one of the EBRD countries of operations
  • Ownership: majority privately owned and majority owned by Belaruisan nationals
  • At least 3 months in operation
  • <250 employees
  • <EUR 50m annual turnover
  • Any sector except for prohibited industries (alcohol & tobacco, finance, insurance & gambling, businesses having negative impact on the environment)

Early next year the EBRD will share updates on its Star Venture programme targeted at promising startups and opportunities for relocated Belarusian projects.

Have questions about the EBRD Programme? Please, contact: knowhowbelarus@ebrd.com