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Innovate Belarus is a vast dynamic storehouse of knowledge and opportunities for all existing and future stakeholders of the Belarusian startup ecosystem

"Belarus was, is, and will continue to be a source of talent, no matter what, and I am happy to help entrepreneurs of Belarusian origin conquer the world"

"We have had a wonderful experience of the national IT ecosystem formation in Belarus, and now, in the whirlpool of global changes, we are undergoing transformation into an ecosystem not limited by the physical boundaries of the state. It is not clear what final forms our IT community will take, but I am happy to be part of this turbulent movement of Belarusians"

“We have a distributed network of Belarusian founders and since they are leaving Belarus today, it is crucial for us to maintain connections”

“Now, startups “with Belarusian roots” have become even more challenging to identify as Belarusian – they might be registered in the state of Delaware and operate in one of the Eastern European countries, with the team working from Portugal in the West to Bali in the East”

"Given the current situation in Belarus, Belarusian startups are on the move like never before. Now they are not limited by territory and have become truly distributed and international. Their connections and mutual assistance strengthen the Belarusian IT entrepreneur community and are of great importance in the new environment"

“It is very pleasing that successful founders from the CIS who have built something global often do not deny their origin and return to the region to support some new wave of startups”

“There is an active Belarusian startup community in Poland. We started with 5-10 people in May 2021 and grew to 1200+ people in October 2022. Our community includes startup founders, IT specialists and people who just want to enter the tech industry among them”

Success Stories

Find out about some of the ecosystem's most prominent startups. Discover their inspiring success stories.

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Flo Health was founded in 2015 to build a better future for female health by supporting women at every stage of their reproductive cycle. With over 220 million downloads, 46 million monthly active users, and a valuation above $500M, Flo is considered an emerging unicorn by Crunchbase. The app has helped over 28 million people get pregnant and has been the most popular app in the Health & Fitness category on the App Store for three years in a row since 2019.

PandaDoc was founded in 2013 to facilitate and speed up the document workflow providing a document automation SaaS with built-in electronic signatures, workflow management and document builder. PandaDoc is now the first Belarusian unicorn with 35+ thousand customers and an average revenue growth rate of 272% from 2017-2020. The company was included in the 2021 North America Technology Fast 500 ranking by Deloitte.

OneSoil was founded in 2014 to help farmers remotely monitor crops, increase yields, and reduce seed and fertilizer costs using satellite images. OneSoil currently has 100+ thousand downloads and analyzes 5+ million fields daily. In 2020 OneSoil was named the best app in the Environment & Green Energy category at the World Summit Awards. was founded in 2018 to help everyone securely connect with the booming world of cryptocurrencies. The app currently has over 1 million downloads and offers users 200+ different cryptocurrencies and 2,000+ tokenized assets.

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